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How Rustic Event Hire all began for Daniel & Keziah

We married in April 2016 after being together for 6 years.
Later that year we started Rustic Event Hire after our 7 week travelling honeymoon to Tasmainia.

We have a huge love for anything rustic, old and unique!

We wanted our wedding to reflect us, not only in showing our love for each other, but by bringing our rustic and country love into our wedding day also.

We were fortunate enough to have wed on our family property, in Colo Heights NSW. Being able to have our wedding here not only brought sentimental meaning to us and our wedding, with Dan having grown up here his whole life, it also meant we could plan our day to be exactly how we wanted (well, within limits) and that's exactly what we did!

We set our wedding date 9 months after being engaged and we married 18 months after that (we definitely needed that time to bring everything together!)

Back then we purchased some items we still have in our hire range today and the best part about it is whatever we didn't buy, we made!

We spent months making trestle tables, bench seats, bars, backdrops, a ceremony stand, signs, wishing well, food boxes, table centrepieces, seating chart, photo displays, even invites, name tags, thank you gifts and so much more and when we weren't busy making or sourcing everything, we were getting the property ready for our special day.

Although in saying this we didn't do it all on our own, we couldn't have done it without the help and hands of many of our family and friends.

We have since made many and added many more unique items to our collection and it warms our hearts to help plan and create that special event for you. 
The reason for us starting Rustic Event Hire was not to be another event supplier, stylist or planner, but to help you bring your envisions and dreams together seamlessly like we did on our day, not only just for weddings but for any event!

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